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Treat your Lithicoin stone specimens with care

January 14, 2017

Treat your Lithicoin stone specimens with care

Although it is true that many stones are considerably harder than steel, natural materials should always be considered unpredictable. We enjoy daily carrying our "Pocket Safe" Lithicoins and they are lovely to admire and calming to handle, but they should all be considered fragile and handled with care to avoid damage.

Thin stone specimens are particularly susceptible to damage from the impact of being dropped onto another surface. Even when protected by the case, a great deal of shock is transmitted through a Lithicoin when dropped. Despite being protected by a case, it is possible for some of the hardest stones in our collection to be fractured in this way. Lithicoin cases are primarily meant to make these polished stone specimens easier to hold, keep them clean, and prevent simple abrasion. They may not protect against a drop.

Coins rated "Fragile, Case Recommended" should only be handled outside of the case with steady hands, preferably over a soft surface. An ideal way to handle these coins is seated at a table or desk with a small towel covering the hard surface. Some Lithicoin are truly meant to be reference specimens and they may be soft or particularly fragile (Uvarovite Garnet crystals, for example) - taking the time to calmly handle these pieces allows for some measure of protection from damage and is great for getting a chance to pay close attention to details such as light play and texture.

Please keep in mind that while we offer handling suggestions to help you understand how to keep your Lithicoin investments safe, we cannot offer a warranty in the event of damage and your handling should reflect your level of comfort with this.

I have great fun making and admiring Lithicoin specimens and I hope you love owning them!

Jared Karnes, Owner and Artisan

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Lithicoin Attributes

Catalog #: 

The catalog number is unique to each individual Lithicoin, and allows your coin to be accessed at any time by typing this number into the search field on our site.

Material Origin:

This is the location where a Lithicoin's material is sourced. We are as specific as possible in the main coin description when we know more about origin (sometimes we will know a specific mine location), but we try to at least note the country. Sometimes we may not know the origin of a particular piece of material, and these coins are marked as "Unknown."

Coin Size:

Standard size for Lithicoin stone specimens is approximately 32mm x 3mm (1.25"x0.11" or 1 3/4" x 1/8"). Size can vary by about .5mm (one half millimeter) due to being hand carved from a natural material.


Opacity refers to the translucency of a coin material when backlit. Materials that do not allow light to pass through are considered "Opaque." If light passes through a part or all of a Lithicoin, it is considered "Partially or fully translucent."


Our durability ratings are designed to help you understand how a Lithicoin should be handled. We use the following ratings as suggestions, but please understand that we can make no guarantees about the actual durability of any natural material.

Pocket Safe: This Lithicoin is suitable for frequent handling or daily carry without the case. Try to minimize the number of additional hard objects carried in your pocket or bag (metal coins, etc.) to minimize the chance of breakage or scratches. Many stones are harder than the metals in our everyday lives, but we prefer a cautious approach.

Handle with care outside of case: This Lithicoin can be removed from the case and handled but should not be pocket carried. Exercise caution to avoid drops, and do not apply pressure or any twisting motions.

Fragile, case recommended: This Lithicoin has physical characteristics such as fragile crystal coverage, internal seams or planes, geode sections, or is a brittle material that can be easily scratched or broken. These coins should not be removed from their cases unless you intend to sit down and carefully enjoy them.

We can't predict every scenario a coin might encounter, and natural materials can be unpredictable. We do not provide any guarantee or warranty in the event of damage.